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Picture the scene: It's cold. You're broke. Your partner has left you. You just got fired. You're lost and don't know where the closest coffee shop is.

Never fear: Find-a-coffee is happy to save you.

Moments after clicking on our re-assuring icon, you're snug, warm, sipping cappuccino and making eyes at the barista (who happens to be filthy rich as well as cute).

Don't say that wasn't a few cents well-spent on this app!

No matter your location, immediately hunt out the closest coffee shop. Perfect for the circumstances described above (or even less drastic ones). Put one of the largest coffee shop databases in your pocket and be ready for action at any time.

  • incredibly easy to use
  • lays out the exact distance to coffee. Mmmm coffee is good.
  • Works with any version of the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.
  • find your perfect coffee shop from home or on the road, wherever you are in the world - on the road or at home
  • Simple user interface and intuitive user experience.
  • Fellow-coffee drinker reviews!