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** Free for a limited time - We are doing a full update of this app, get it now, refer your friends to download and you will get the free update soon. **

five stars I'm not saying your friends are cheapskates... but... if they're anything like mine, when it comes to paying the restaurant bill - a perfectly nice evening is spoiled by 10 minutes discussing who owes what.

Frankly, it gets on my nerves - which is why I find TapTapTip a godsend.

  • It works out the tip and eveyone's share of the bill. In one screen, with 2 clicks - job done.
  • It looks beautiful - and who argues with beauty?
  • The interface is simple and lightening fast
  • It's 100% ad free. Why bother with anything else?

Take my advice. Get TapTapTip - or new friends (preferably ones who are happy to pay the whole bill, tip and all!).

Check out www.taptaptip.com for more information.